Fluxus festival: Performance at Wilhelmspalais


Performance for solo percussion, result of one year and a half of work:

That my silence will bear at its smallest finger
(I have swallowed revolt, taste)

by Symon Henry
performed by Kasia Kadlubowska

Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 2, 70173 Stuttgart 0711 22280

16h15: acousmatic performance/installation (45′ tape piece)
17h: live performance (15-30′ percussion piece)

18h 15: acousmatic performance/installation II
19h: live performance II

20h15: acousmatic performance/installation III
21h: live performance III

Program note:

dedicated to those who raised for a more humane world,
from Cairo to Santiago de Chile, passing by Montréal
as well as to Krystina Marcoux, percussionist

Nudity as revolt. The body of a human being, not as merchandise or object, but as a projection of a “That’s enough!”;
as a place from which the sacred character belongs only to oneself;
as a place of tension between the one looking and the one looked, the occupying and the occupied.

The body of a musician, exposed/unveiled in a performance.

Point of departure: Egyptian activist Alia Magda Ehmahdy, naked against the salafists.
Point of departure: the Arabic spring extended to the country of origin of my father.
Point of departure: a mixed-bread composer Quebecois/Coptic agnostic in front of a musician’s body which movements in time and space create meaning.

The project: a fifteen minutes performance, maximum thirty, involving a percusionnist.


Connecting thread: music and theatricallity.

Connecting thread: the setting in motion of a musician’s body giving birth to a poetical universe centered around the tension between sound and sight.

April 12 2012
preliminary working notes

Note : « That my silence will bear at its smallest finger » is an extract from a poem by Federico García Lorca (1898-1936).

More infos on the festival: fluxus festival/Staatsgalerie

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